If you built a custom dashboard and used telemetry.js to query telemetry.mozilla.org for histogram data, you’ll need to switch your dash to a newer library – either the new telemetry.js library (preferred option) or our shim library.

This change is necessary because Telemetry is retiring its old backend in favour of the new “unified” Telemetry backend which combines the capabilities of both FHR & Telemetry. The old backend sprouted data quality issues and supporting two backends is too time-consuming for a small team.

The old telemetry.js dashboarding library will be retired starting Monday, September 14th next week. If you don’t replace telemetry.js in your dashboard, your dash will stop seeing any new data.

There is additional background on this decision here: http://anthony-zhang.me/blog/telemetry-demystified/

You can ask for help with porting your dash in the comments below, or ping vladan / mreid / rvitillo on #telemetry